Saturday, June 16, 2012

:D Voices!

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Dear Pmr's candidate..

we only have 110 days left..minus time of your sleep,loafing,talking,playing..maybe only 2months.
Lets see our exam result we have achieve what we've target?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Sepatutnya aku dah gentar dengan masa yang ada sekarang nih..dengan result aku sekarang nih~ 
Mungkin ianya berbaloi dengan usaha aku yang tak seberapa. Hati nih rasa mcam kena siat-siat aja bila tengok result crush aku..
uwarh,dia masuk dalam top 30.dan aku still tergolong dalam top 40 :P

Allah never throws you deeper than you can go. He throws you from such a height were He knows yes you may fall, gain a few scratches, and open wounds, but He also knows how much sabar, tolerance and will power you have to stand back up. Yes we all complain, moan and cry saying 'Why Me!' but why do we forget this life is a test; Allah is making you, not breaking you. He is by your side, He is your shadow and your guiding light.." ♥
aku cukup suka dengan quote nih..!
Ya Allah, mana spek mata aku..~

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