Wednesday, February 10, 2010

speakin day..bab2

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nah... hello and salam friends... ok,don't care the picture was me i make that face because i've stomach ache until i can't go to school 2day..
its my fault 2..because i ate "limau china" to much...
hu3 the facts is im lazy to go to school today.. its really tired you know...huh..
everyday i met a same people and same teachers.. so, i really get bored..and tomorrow is "PJ" uwaahhhh i hated "PJ".. i hated it
hated it... hate it...

uhhh..the teacher who teach me "PJ" was really annoying to me... we should play something... like handball game or something that involved with "PJ".. but...huh... she teach us dancing "poco-poco"..
ooo..its realy shameful to me...hu3


p/s:lucu weh speaking nih..ha9 sero po org darat ulu plok...

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