Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2day is speaking day...yeahhh

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salam first my opening story 2day
okay3 people..please be shut up because teacher ummi want 2 try speaking with you all..
today i start my day with a happy go lucky day...ha9
and tomorrow i hope teacher Vaneesa from my school will teach me..
oh! great..i want to speak with her all day until she got tired with me..
ha3 so cruel!!!
than,i want to ask her..many questions...like this :-

Q- Teacher i want to ask a difficult questions to you?
Q- How are you? (ha9 copy it from "JOZAN" shows)
than2 i want to ask..urmmmm
Q-You have a facebook,i want to add you?
Q-What type of food you like to eat? (don't ask me..he3 i like KFC cicah budu)
Q-Last questions..
You have a boyfriend?..


ouch i got slap from teacher....
ha9 my imagination...tadaaa...
ho5 new record im story this blog using speaking...

P/S:terukkan grammar ummi hu3..xpew i'll learning it with my teacher someday..

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