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because this pic was too cute.. i made it XLarge :P bleh~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

*lost idea for a while*
*today i determine to post this entry in english...doesn't matter if my grammar goes wrong "

So, its have been a week since i left the camp..I mean thats "CaMP" at Quality Hotel..[exchange students program]

The rumors about I'm going to Japan have spread all over the school..and I can't guess who exaggerated its.maybe.. 
"ummi boleh pergi Jepun ke?"
"Bila nk pergi Jepun?"
"Jelesnya boleh pergi Jepun.."
and so on.. till I feel so ashamed with myself. you know why? because everyone thought that i have pass the interview and qualify to go there even the result still not come out yet. They didn't know how was my condition when I got interview by the three interviewers' 
I nearly lost my courage, lost my confident..because i'm the last one who got interview since my name start with alphabet U   
who cares right?
 What made me more sad when I got interview, the interviewers just asked me about three questions, JUST THREE
As crystal chance to go there is too..what we call..urkkk "ya, tll nipis" *hahhaha*

Along the camp.. I was like "kera sumbang". yeah I know.its obvious,,everyone can see it. my facilitator also saw it and he asked me why and tried to courage me back. When I was at there, I've shock culture..i think~ 
Everyone talked in one language and it was English. English guys..~ I think i almost faint at there..hehe
It was like first time in my entire life, saw people spoke english and no one broken like know english + malay 
I'm so amazed to see all those things happened through my eyes..and i'm speechless. everyone gains a lot of friends from different state. except me..yeah. I do have new friends from Sarawak (my roommate), Melaka(chinese girls that look like SungHaJung-also my roommate),and Penang,Kelantan..but I can't remember their name so well. 
we play  a lot of exciting games..that I can't name it..ohyeah2 I still remember one game that made my legs screwed up..haha
"My Bonnie" and we changed it title and lyric to "My Billy"
this song was really Awesome..while we sing, we also do physical exercise ..good for your thighs 

we also need to do sketches..where I've to play role as Gabriel girfriend,okay its the worst things that I've ever done in my life with the boy that i didn't know where he come first the chinese girl..and i didn't want to mention her name,asked gabriel to put his arm along my shoulder..and quickly said "No!!" All of them showed the curious expressions to me..and I do explained them about my religion rules
even this little pinkie you cannot hold. *and I save it for my future husband yo
and i can saw the distress  face from them..sorry dear, i can't do it..
It's my dignity as muslim and that made me different from other religions :)

Alhamdulilah.. along there Allah s.w.t protect me from committed a lot of sins..
There were a lot of muslims at there but some of know I cannot see where are the different of us from other religions 
yeah I knew that we're One Malaysia..don't be racist sporting lahhh..
For me..sporting also has their limit..its doesn't mean you can hold other people hands *opposite your gender* freely..*waaah ayat*
when its happened I was truly of the girl [muslim] holds other guys hand and siap boleh gelak-gelak.
for me its really weird...its look like "WELCOME TO THE OTHER WORLD WHERE YOU CAN TOUCH,HUG and EXPOSE YOUR AURAT TO OTHER AT HERE" hahaha*lawak* ........ you know girls what guys behind me said about you when you were so busy 'selak your really2   mini khemah at front of there" they said something that were so bad..something that if my grandma hear about that..surely that guys will  kena sebat 20 batang tanpa belas kasihan..idk what's so great to hold other guys hands and show off your aurat to them..Nauzubilah~

After that, after I finished my 3 minutes interview..I rushed to surau to perform my prayer.. yeah Jama' taakhir.. the place where I met my beautiful angle.. Allah s.w.t sent her to me when I need shoulder to cry. Sorry I was to emotional at that time because I saw everyone were with their family,parent,siblings etc and I looked beside me..there was only the hotel pole.. I'm so miss my mama at that time..huhuhuhu
and then when I entered the entrance of surau..the angle gave salam to me and asked some question to me. she also advised  me to made a lot of dua' because dua' of musafir people were so berkat you know..she said lar. I just knod my head and I took wudhu after that..
when the time I want to raise ta'bir I forgot the niat of jama' taakhir..I screwed legs shaking..i'm so afraid at that time because i'm still not pray Zohor neither Asar..and once again Allah s.w.t  showed me a the corner of surau ..the angle was still at there..
I was really blur.. I'm so ashamed to ask her how to perform solat Jama' jahil was I at that time.. but I piss off those useless feeling and put my courage back and asked her properly..Subhanallah, how beautiful was this creature. her eyes,nose, lips even her cheeks were so beautiful..Subhanallah~ I miss her so much..after she explained to me clearly, i thanked to her a lot. I did my solat while my tears roll down to the cheeks.. everything got mess up in my head.. I MISS MY MAMA, I HATE THE INTERVIEW, HOW JAHIL WAS ME, and I THANKS ALLAH S.W.T ALOT FOR THE ANGLE..I cried till my last rakaat and the angle leave me after that..oah I also sempat nk salam dengan dia.. She was really kind..sob3

*uwaaahhh,so this is how its look when your english entry were so long..bravo2 with your grammar error..nvm*

I'm so excited to wrote all this things in english. after i went back from the camp..i learnt a lot of useful things.
From now, I should train myself to be more confident and practice speaking..Oh My English..haha` thats show was awesome too. I love their jokes..and how they taught us how to speak english. I don't care lah what my teacher said about that show. Okay,thats all

Trial Next Week <3


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