Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finally I found my Love...

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song.. :P

Pasang telinga dan dengar lagu in my blog..Korang tahu tak bertapa susahnya nak translate kan lagu nih menggunakan google translatedri Spanish k English..la' amprecaque tetiko..eh~ tersilap plak..So,as usual dah takde lagu mirae'. Now (いつでもただ君を) Tada Kimi Duke O1 means You always Just A..*nih google translate ckap*lagu nihh takde translate in korea..sori2 sya xsempat nak catch up dia nyanyi..anyway enjoy this lyric! *cehh mcm Dj plak..yo yo..!

When I want to see her. I cannot see her.My longing for you. flooding the worldand falls as snow I always loving you seek and I find that toyoz and your breathlive in my heart forever are my everything always love youbelieves in showing love And so my heart will never breakpoints even when wefrom each otherYou have to be always smilingthinking only of the good memorieswe shared together-Google translate
When I want to see her. I can't see her My doubtful hearts falls upon the world as Snow.. Always, Im loving her.. Her voice,Her breathing Is forever in my heart Chorus// I lover her,always Broken up and far from her so that my heart will never hurt again I believe in our love, in these happy memories that i can smile at... <3- Copy dlam drama..

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