Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love 1

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I going to be speechless forever..
This October :) is my lovely month..
Goodbye sadist September...I hate you really much for this year..
There are too much of suprise to me for last month
I've lost..I've cried..I've lost my self-confident again and again and the worse I have lost my first love..
blame me too...
Okay!! This month lets be strong fighting fighting girl!! ^^!!
Forget everything....
If I can :(

One day I asked the moon
Does he really Love me??
The moon doesn't say anything..just get hide behind the cloud
maybe he can't see me at here
Then, I asked Mr.bird
chirppp..chirpp Mr.bird does he really LOve me??
Mr bird left me alone down there while fly away..
and then I found the river..
I went to him and asked the same things..
Does he really Love me??
The river continued flew left me behind waiting for the answer..
My eyes start to cry..
my soul was really miserable at that time..
Who else should i ask all this puzzle..
I sat on the ground with the painful tears..
Suddenly, he came and sat beside me..
and I asked him
Did You really Love me??
by witnessing of the moon,Mr.bird's chirping and the harmony of the river
at the end 
I found the answer..

Ummi pn tak tahu adakah ini poem,lyric or story..haha
I found this in my note book last year..actually benda nih dalam bahasa melayu
tapi ummi translate kannya..i know bau mcam budu kan..
but i really LOVED this one.. I wrote it by own
sbb tu klau time cik Ummi nih dtang angin monsun JIWA KARAT..
habis ayat kuar..hahah :D

I Left my Love for Goods,
Ummi Nur Atirah Binti Zulkifli

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