Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Goodbye my Love life..


Ummi tak tahu apa nak jd dngan ummi skang nihh..time weekend buku xbukak langsung..asyik duk menghadap ke benda nih..forget it~

and now my life

Frust dengan family

my mama..idk larhh tiap kali j ummi dngar mama ummi nk marah hape ke..
ummi dngan auto nya akan masuk bilik..yeah all day i just stay in this messy room..
aktiviti nya tidur,bace komik and than crying..

at night..
i'll start do some revision takpon practice mnulis bahasa jepun..yeaaa
no one know that now i was learning japanese..sbb skang nih i've been far apart from my family
i've changed into weird person
ummi pn xtahu sbb ape..

i hate people complaining their problems at me
i hate people who judging other people too me
i hate people who insult other people too me

i can't bear it..

thats why i got distance from them
ummi rase hidup ummi teramat sadis skang nih..ummi tak tahu nak lari,nak luah dekat sape
only this blog where i can express my truth feeling..
i think this year was really unlucky right??
at the same time i have loss everything from my life
family,school and close crazy cool friends

I miss You ST12 :'( i really regret now!!
but guys i do it for goods..
the good is not for me but to my family
 hope someday i could tell this to all of you..

meet my Vice President...she's kinda cute and innocent *hahaha

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