Monday, September 26, 2011

26th Sept 2011 The last ann' that i'll celebrate

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Dear You,

Hope you'll understand what i'm trying to say even my error grammar or spelling show up..*pfft

This Morning I woke up with my big smile on my face because I just want make this day
the last ann' that i'll celebrate..
I try to make everything perfect on this whole day..
trying not to be scold by teacher
walking perfectly in front of other
not forget to flash my happy smile to the classmate
and not forget to take a lot of oxygen today..because i don't want to lose this moment =..='

* pikirr ayat meta..

but unfortunately today..
I've burst into tears in the class at my own place..why??

first- I had been humiliated in class KH by one guys in my class..
He loves to say something that really offensive..
even me that rarely talk with him also get the 'tempias' *haha

second- There's one girl in my class that have zero get it??
can you imagine "adelah pulan nih pinjam barang korang..dah lah tak mintak..lepastuu pulangkan dekat kita dengan cara lempar and than tak cakap TQ"
susah sngat k tq tu...

alaaa ummi tu punn nak berkira?
Sorry to say.. i grow up in this kind of family..sejak kecik laagii saya diajar cara beradab dngan maknusia..even haiwan pun saya masih mampu menjaga adab saya terhadap mereka..
lagipun incident nihh happen bnyak kalii daahh..can you bear with it..
kalau sekolah dulu.. maybe I'll just sound thats person..tegur elok2
sekolah sekarang.. idk how to handle it..I just can released my tears on the table..

kalau dulu..time nangis sangaat teramat benci kalau roomate pujuk..
but today I really miss them damn much!!

Dear You..

but today there still rainbow that colors my day today..
walaupun sebentar I really love it..
Thanks for cared about me friends..
I hope we can talk like usual like old ones..
Everything you shared with me :'( although it hurts form to hear it
just i said "I'll do anything for my friend"


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